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Coach's Corner: Falcon Cross Country
Getting Started

Run.  Today.  In the morning or evening, when it isn't too hot. Wearing your new running shoes, and a layer of sunscreen.  Preferably with a friend. That's all there is to getting started.
Do this at least three days a week.  Four is better, five is best.  But if you are just getting started, start with three and work your way up.  Slowly.  You've got all summer.
If you are an experienced runner and want to run more than five days per week, please don't.  Set aside one day per week to relax.  Even God did that, you aren't in better shape than God.  If, after running five days, you still have energy, then do some cross-training.  Any activity that gets your heart pumping is good:  swimming, biking, tennis, dancing, frisbee, get the idea.
How far should you go? That really depends on your fitness level and experience as a runner.  Count minutes, not miles, its easier.  If you are a beginner, try 20-25 minutes, and see how that works for you.  If it wears you out, cut back a little.  If you feel like you can do more, do more.  Try running longer some days, shorter some days.  Run in different places, with different people.  Try to keep a good conversation going.  If you are breathing so hard that you can't talk, slow down.
Don't kill yourself.  Have fun.  Runners actually enjoy running.  If this is impossible for you to imagine, give it some time.  If it still isn't working for you, there are lots of other sports to choose from.