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Coach's Corner: Falcon Cross Country
Oasis Club

Here is a copy of the letter that was emailed last year to all SHS families.  So far, we've had a very positive response.  Although we are not going to Hawaii this year, we are still encouraging membership in the Oasis Club.

Long road runs through Saratoga neighborhoods on hot dry summer days may seem like punishment to some, but to many it is all part of preparing for another successful Cross Country season at Saratoga High School.  Athletes will log as many as 500 miles in order enter the season in tip-top shape.  And the intensity of summer conditioning will be even greater this year, as approximately 100 athletes will be competing for 14 spots on a traveling team that will participate in an event in Hawaii this September.


The health and safety of our athletes—your children—is my primary concern.  And perhaps the greatest threat to long distance runners is dehydration, which can have very serious consequences.  I am asking you to show your support for Falcon runners and to help protect their safety by joining the Cross Country Oasis Club.


By placing a sign in your yard that is visible from the street, you are letting our runners know that they have permission to drink from your garden hose.  They will rarely need to take advantage of your kind invitation, but when they do they will be very grateful, and will reward your hospitality by leaving things exactly as they found them.  Even if they never drink from your oasis, they will take pride in this visible show of support from our community for their sport.


The sign is plastic, approximately 8” by 8”, and comes with an aluminum post.  It shows a red falcon flying toward an oasis of palm trees on a blue background.  At the bottom are the words, “Cross Country Oasis--Saratoga High School Falcons.”


A donation of $20.00 will cover our cost of producing the signs, and will make you a lifetime member of the Oasis Club.  If you would care to donate more, we will gratefully use your donation to help send our team to Hawaii this fall.


I would like to get a general idea of how many of our neighbors would like to participate in this program.  Please send me an e-mail if you are interested, and I will have the signs ready before the start of summer.



Peter Jordan

Cross Country Head Coach

408-867-3411 ext. 396